Amarr garage doors - installation through dedication

At Five Star Doors, we believe that the installation of your new Amarr garage door should be installed by an professional garage door installer. Garages can pose interesting challenges for replacement doors, from non-level floors to damage concrete flooring, door jams damaged to out of level or door headers to low or damaged. Therefore, Five Star door installers, have a background in carpentry and go through several months of training to provide the proper door installation which is crucial to the operation of your Amarr door.

What To Expect From Five Star Doors

Five Star Doors provides several additional perks our competitors don't include, an extra stiffener or "door strut" for extra door reinforcement adding years of life to your new door. High performance, nylon ball rollers providing quieter operation and extended life. Five Star Doors employee's install all garage doors and therefore, we stand behind what we sell and install.

Other factors to consider we are local to S.E. Michigan area, protection for unforeseen damage or accidents, available warranties, service support, disposal of the old door at no additional charge.

What is a Standard Installation, and what does it include?

1) Tax & Labor
(2) Removal of “All” steel garage door
(3) Rehang or Reconnect of existing garage door opener
(4) Removal of all debris Garage must be free of obstructions, Ceilings, Rafters and Pitch must be at least 96″ high.

Scroll to bottom of page for a list of exceptions and additional fees

Founded in 1951, Amarr is a family-owned business based in North Carolina. Amarr is one of the North America’s leading architects and producers of garage doors. Amarr steel garage doors are constructed with high-quality parts and heavy-duty steel. 

Features include:

  • SafeGuard Pinch Protection. The majority of Amarr steel doors have the Amarr SafeGuard safety system that helps reduce the risk of serious hand and finger injuries. 

  • Energy Efficiency. Amarr steel doors offer several levels of energy efficiency and noise reduction, providing several garage door options based on your budget and location of the garage. 

  • Made in the USA. All Amarr residential steel garage doors are manufactured in the USA, solidifying Amarr’s commitment to high quality and durable garage entry systems. 

  • Recycled. Amarr steel doors are manufactured with up to 90% recycled content, and approximately 5-10% of the steel is reused at the steel mill